Light and Motion Sola Dive 800 S/F Dive Light Review

Light and Motion Sola Dive 800 S/F Dive Light Review

The diver needs to use quite a bit of equipment on a dive, including fins, an oxygen tank and a wetsuit, but the type of lighting system they use is also important, both in terms of diving safety and their diving experience.

Too often you’ll come across high priced dive lights and lighting systems that can’t hold a charge or don’t offer more than one illumination setting. But the Sola is not only affordable, it’s also the last primary dive light you’ll ever have to buy. Packed with features and easy to use, you’ll love the light’s lightweight design, sturdy construction, and overall quality that you won’t get from other dive lights in this price range.

Dive Light Features and Overview

The Sola Dive 800 S/F by Light and Motion is the perfect tool for diver safety. As you know, choosing the right type of diving light can significantly enhance your diving experience, but safety is also very important. While underwater life can be very vivid and colorful, the deeper you dive, the less color you’ll see. After just the first few feet, half of the reds are gone, while half of the yellow light will be completely extinguished after about eight feet. Everything will have a type of blue-gray hue once you reach twenty-five feet.

This Light and Motion dive light can correct this issue, allowing you to enjoy the complete spectrum of life and color. When diving at night, this light can also be essential for safety, allowing you to totally enjoy your dive without missing a thing.

In terms of safety, this model will light up the underwater environment, so you can avoid running into obstacles and sea debris. It can also allow you to steer clear of sharp rocks or steep drop-offs.

Why a Primary Dive Light is Essential for any Dive

This light is referred to as a primary dive light. It can be used for both nighttime and daytime dives. It’s basically brighter and more durable than most models of backup lights divers use. It also provides a brighter view, especially in total darkness, which is what makes it such an important safety tool. This model comes equipped with highly efficient LEDs, a waterproof design, and it offers several hours of illumination, thanks to the energy efficient lights. In fact, the lights have an average lifespan of approximately fifty thousand hours and will consume around ninety percent less energy compared to competing models.

Considering it’s a high-powered light, it can also be used for underwater photography because the wide beam of light allows it to produce a clear field of view in a variety of angles.

This impressively bright two mode dive light also comes with three power settings per mode.

Dive Light Pros and Cons

Pros: Rechargeable, compact, and powerful, this light features multiple power settings and dual beams, offering a design that makes it the ultimate travel-friendly diving light.

It features a five hundred lumen spot dive light that’s FL1 certified and an eight hundred lumen flood light.

The light offers a factory sealed design complete with external charge ports and features a depth rate of three hundred and thirty feet.

It also comes with a two-year product warranty, which gives divers confidence in this type of important purchase.

The light’s wide-angle beam is excellent, offering impressive illumination. The bright white light works well to light up large areas. The highest power setting is perfect for underwater photography.

The light offers a little over two hours of use per charge when it’s placed on the medium or high setting.

Switching through the light modes is fast and simple.

Divers who had any issues or questions about the light reported that the Light and Motion customer service team was very helpful and quick to respond.

The Sola’s sixty-degrees of flood light works to light up the user’s entire field of vision.

The light is also reasonably priced and a great buy for the diver on a tight budget.

Cons: There were some complaints regarding the charging process. Some divers claim that you must maintain a charge between dives or the light will lose battery life at a quicker rate. Additionally, some divers felt that it was difficult to determine if the light is properly charging. A faulty charge indicator light is usually to blame for this issue. If you have problems with your light holding a charge or with the indicator light, the two-year warranty will cover both issues, with no out of pocket cost.

Dive Light Care Tips

Light and Motion Sola Dive 800 S:F Dive Light

Before you use your dive light for the first time, make sure you read and follow the instructions carefully, in order to get the longest life and best performance.

Just like your other diving gear, the light should be rinsed thoroughly after a dive using fresh water, as soon as possible.

You should also carefully inspect the battery contacts and clean them if needed. Also be sure to inspect the light’s O rings for wear, cuts, or nicks.

The light should be stored in a dry, cool place, and should never be stored in direct sunlight.

Additionally, if you don’t plan on using the light any time soon, the batteries should be stored separately.


Featuring an innovative, user-friendly design, a solid construction, and a variety of power modes, we were simply impressed with this compact, lightweight model. The Sola dive light by Light and Motion is the perfect primary dive light. The included hand strap allows you to wear the light around your wrist and easily illuminate your surroundings. This placement is also perfect for underwater photography. Overall, most divers can agree that this is one durable dive light and a model you definitely need if you’re an avid night diver. Combined with the best dive watch, you’ll enjoy a much safer dive.  We gave this model a rating of four out of five stars.


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